Mr. Bobrov

Once home there is something from the factory "YAVID", the rest of the furniture after a while I want to throw. A real solid oak, perfect processing in an attractive design. Kitchens "Yavid" are undoubtedly good, but cabinets and dressers have no competitors at all! The boxes are made of wood, everything is brought in, the facades are neat, the cases are made of oak veneer and feel like an array. In the nursery they put all the furniture, except for the sofa, from the array and it was "Yavid". Functionally, beautifully and most importantly - environmentally friendly!  And everything is for growth, the girl is well and now, and will be comfortable in 5 years, when she is older.
The factory is a guarantee of quality! The furniture is beyond praise.

Konstantin, Moscow

Ordered cautiously, taught by bitter experience from other manufacturers. The quality is beyond praise, everything fits perfectly, the loops are wonderfully adjusted, the facades look like from advertising brochures. Much, of course, depends on the interior furniture and staff, they also proved to be a good side, but the main thing is the furniture. This is rarely the case when at home the kitchen is better than on the shop window.
Ordered Dominica in color with a patina, facades from the massif of an oak, are very happy with the choice. Table top "salmon" in oak lining.
"Yavid" is something incredible. Quality is not an empty sound.

Mrs. Ponamoreva, Moscow

Let me just say - class!
The kitchen is great! This is the second time I have enjoyed "Yavid", as if my beloved relative has returned!

Milana Shter, Moscow

The kitchen is incredibly satisfied! She is incredible, much better in life than in the photo!
Dominica in the color "Vanilla with mother of pearl", oak layout on the glass. Girls designers are great, these are the most literate people I've ever met in such salons! In controversial moments, they consult with a technologist, and that I was pleasantly surprised, the designer listened to the advice of the master, who made us stop! But the main thing is the kitchen! No wonder I was waiting for her so much, from the inside is as cool as the outside, the quality is insanely satisfied and now I will be more than demanding when choosing other furniture.
Perfect option! And exclusive color!

Victoria, Moscow

I bought a wardrobe with 5 doors and 3 drawers; bedside table, bed, stools and chair.
The quality of all the furniture is very good. The furniture looks expensive, the array is processed efficiently. There are no problems with veneered parts either. Door wardrobe hanging normally, despite the fact that the heavy (loop quality, does not SAG).

Alexey, Moscow

Again, choose the kitchen and return for "Yavid".

I wanted our kitchen with an ugly duct looked noble and beautiful. The closest thing to us was the classic style of cuisine Amelia, the color chosen honey, the closest to the natural color of the tree. The kitchen fits perfectly into the interior and for several years pleases the whole family.
We want children to order a kitchen in the same salon.  Now we choose a model of the kitchen and make up options for the placement of the lockers, very pleased with the prices in other salons we have the same size accounted for almost 2 times more expensive!!!

We just got used to this beautiful furniture and don't want anything else.

Mr. Andreev, Moscow

Faced with different manufacturers and furniture factories, but "YAVID" - definitely the best. The full cycle of wood processing and the latest equipment are not just words in the description, but real facts.
Kitchens of this factory ordered on all apartments where in the choice of furniture had the right to vote, as a result I hear only gratitude for the correct advice. Now the wife chooses a new bedroom, we will take the "Grace" with forged elements.
The quality and style over time, just improving!

Mikhail Zvonarev

Good quality furniture, sincere, friendly people. In 2008-2009 furnished them the whole apartment. Now I finish the house - I will take furniture only "Yavid".


Furniture quality is not inferior to Italian, for the price at times less (had the opportunity to compare). The guys do not just sell the kitchen, but also give valuable tips on design and usability. Feels a great experience.

Pavel Sergeevich

"Dangerous furniture", in a good way: the wife is literally "hooked" on her. Already furnished the entire apartment with furniture "Yavid", but she no, no, yes, and go to their salon to drink coffee, chat and order well, at least a ottoman, even a folding chair.